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"la Patro Nia"
("la Patro Nia")
--[[Chuck SMITH]]
Sorry for writing in English, but that's much easier for me.
I think that idea of including "la Patro Nia" as specimen of language is very bad, because:
* It's usually written in very archaic language. Languages of Polish and English versions of "la Patro Nia" are extremely archaic and very different from languages that are used nowadays.
* It's very specific - religious language differs a lot from normal language
* If word (like heaven, father etc.) has direct meaning X and methaphorical meaning Y in Latin, when translating X and not Y was translated. So many words are used metaphorically in a way that shouldn't be used in given languages.
* Syntax is often more similar to Latin than like given language.
* It's not very neutral.