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*Modifying = modifo de
:Please, notice, that the translation is not direct and means appriximately "addition of", "removal of" etc. This is a more elegant way to say that in Esperanto, than using other verbal forms. If you need some other messages to be translated, just poste them here. <font color="#003366"> Alaŭdo </font> [[Vikipediisto:Alaŭdo|۩]] [[Vikipediista_diskuto:Ala%C5%ADdo|✉]] [[Speciala:Contributions/Alaŭdo|₪]] 14:40, 24. Apr 2007 (UTC)
::Thank you, i added the translations. Do the [[Speciala:Contributions/BotMultichill|contributions of my bot]] look ok now? If it looks ok, i'll submit a patch so that the other bots also have their summary in Esperanto. [[Vikipediisto:Multichill|Multichill]] 15:03, 24. Apr 2007 (UTC)