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I am Broadbeer from and I run an interwiki bot with bot flag on da, en, nn, no and se. The bot uses pywikipedia framework and works on newly created articles and sometimes does work on [[Vikipediisto:Byrial|Byrial]]s offline reports on danish Wikipedia. --[[Vikipediisto:Broadbeer|Broadbeer]] 22:23, 11. Aŭg 2007 (UTC)
'''Komento:''' How to verify this? No information at (non-existant) [[Vikipediisto:Broadbot]], nor especially, at (non-existant) [[Vikipediisto:Broadbeer]]! No mention of either at [[Vikipediisto:Byrial]] (who already has his own robot). This could be a vandal probing for a loose barn door. What, specifically does he want to do? ''[[Vikipediisto:Oryanw|Bill O'Ryan]]'' [[Vikipediista_diskuto: Oryanw |☺]] [[Speciala:Contributions/Oryanw|₪]] 01:32, 12. Aŭg 2007 (UTC)
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