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If it can help you for getting global bot satus and if you promise not to run massively your bot here, I would unblock your bot account. [[Vikipediisto:ArnoLagrange|<span style="color:green;">Arno</span> <span style="color:blue;">Lagrange</span>]] [[Vikipediista diskuto:ArnoLagrange|✉]] <sup>[[Speciala:Emailuser/ArnoLagrange|@]]</sup> [[Speciala:Contributions/ArnoLagrange|₪]] 08:30, 24. Jun 2010 (UTC)
* I removed eo.Wiki from [[Speciala:Kontribuoj/|]] 10:18, 24. Jun 2010 (UTC) (I was not logged in) [[Vikipediisto:Karol007|Karol007]] 10:21, 24. Jun 2010 (UTC)