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(Bonvenon al la Vikipedio en Esperanto, Avicennasis!)
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== Bonvenon al la Vikipedio en Esperanto, Avicennasis! ==
Dear Avic! see: [[Anne Frank#bibliotekoj]]:<br />
{{Bibliotekoj|PeEnEo=340|PND=118534734|LCCN=n/79/125789|VIAF=27064673|TSURL=viaf/27064673}}[[Kategorio:Ligoj al bibliotekoj| {{FULLPAGENAME}}]]<!-- please do not delete; should be after the example -->
# The [[:en:template:Authority control]] is named here [[template:Bibliotekoj]]. I insert 111++ manualy and will list here some specialities.
# there is a parameter '''PeEnEo''' where the value of the MediaWiki wpArticleId is inseted. It can be used by libraries to relerence to E-articles, see my /monobook.js script adding a tab ; you may add it to your /common.js (this is new to me; I learned about that today)