Uzanto-Diskuto:Dominik: Malsamoj inter versioj

FELICITACIONS!!!! Hi, we congrat to inform you that you are the 7th position Winner of the Catalan Culture challenge, with 268 points. In order to proceed to send you the awards, it would be great if you can send us an email to glam® so we can proceed. Yours. [[:en:User:Kippelboy|Kippelboy]]. Amical Wikimedia.--[[Uzanto:Kippelboy|Kippelboy]] ([[Uzanto-Diskuto:Kippelboy|diskuto]]) 14:14, 29 Apr. 2014 (UTC)
: Gratulon Dominik! --[[Uzanto:KuboF|KuboF]] ([[Uzanto-Diskuto:KuboF|diskuto]]) 17:51, 29 Apr. 2014 (UTC)
; Hi Dominik, We would like to send you the awards of the Catalan Culture challenge, please send an email to with your shipping adress. Best--[[Uzanto:Kippelboy|Kippelboy]] ([[Uzanto-Diskuto:Kippelboy|diskuto]]) 09:22, 5 Maj. 2014 (UTC)