Internacia Flughaveno John F. Kennedy: Malsamoj inter versioj

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The '' 'International Airport John F. Kennedy' '' Initially known as '' 'Airport Idlewild' '', is an international [[airport]] located in [[Queens]] southeast of [[New York City]], the United States, at 19 km of [[Manhattan]].
JFK is of the airport thatliking to receives the more foreign passengers in totalexcess [[the United States]]. Although it ishad knownfriend asbe annow airportknown withof the more international flights, it also hasbe a national, mostly to the west coast sit on the wests. In the [[2005]] and it had the more than 41 million travelersof human passes through it.
It was ekkonstruita in the 1942 year and of the first commercial flight startedstarts in the 1948.
==The Terminal Airport==
The international terminal 1 serving the all international arrival of oversees excepting of the Mexico/Canada, and of international class of service. The duty free shop, airline lounge, restaurant of high class, food court of tastes/food of the west representing the world of class feature of terminal of utmost comfort, satisfaction, and of the most happiest of traveler. It be containing the 125 gates for the max capacity and harmony efficient, built in the year of the 2011 for the most beautiful of design, harmonic feels, world class and international accepted of certification and class.
Domestic Terminal is off the main token path of the burgundies, thus the access is of the other road. Feature domesticated class of flight including the Canadian, Mexican arrivals. The KFC and the MacDonald's is of located in terminal for good western tastes and enjoys it. The 45 gate is of located in terminal that is of built finished in the year of 2009, of most better harmony.
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