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(Nova paĝo kun ''''Platformismo''' estas tendenco (aŭ organizita pensoskolo) ene de la anarkiisma movado. Ĝi markas la neceson por fortaj organizitaj anarkiistaj organizoj k...')
Today "Platformism" is an important current in international anarchism. Around thirty platformist and especifista organisations are linked together in the [[]] project, including groups from Africa, Latin America, North America and Europe.<ref name="Anarkismo statement"/> At least in terms of the number of affiliated organisations (if not in actual membership in some countries),<ref>"In reply to the Platform, supporters of the "synthesis" counter by pointing to the fact that "Platformist" groups are usually very small, far smaller than "synthesis" federations (for example, compare the size of the French Anarchist Federation with, say, the Irish Workers Solidarity Movement or the French-language Alternative Libertaire)"[ "J.3.2 What are "synthesis" federations?" in [[An Anarchist FAQ]]]</ref> the Anarkismo network is larger than other anarchist international bodies, like the [[Synthesis anarchism|synthesist]]<ref>"Most national sections of the International Anarchist Federation (IFA) are good examples of successful federations which are heavily influenced by "synthesis" ideas (such as the French and Italian federations)."[ "J.3.2 What are "synthesis" federations?" in [[An Anarchist FAQ]]]</ref> [[International of Anarchist Federations]] and the [[anarcho-syndicalist]] [[International Workers' Association]]. It is not, however, a formal "international" and has no intention of competing with these other formations.
Lucien van der Walt; Michael Schmidt (2009), ''Black Flame, the revolutionary class politics of anarchism and syndicalism'', Counterpower, Volume 1, Oakland: AK Press, pp. 247–263, ISBN 9781904859161
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