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La '''azia leono''' havas '''pli helan haŭton''' kaj la '''hararon multe pli mallongan''' ol la afrikaj; pro tio la oreloj de maskloj videblas. La '''hartufo en kubutoj''' estas pli videbla. Krome estas laŭlonga '''falto blanka en la ventro'''. Plej similaj estas la leonoj de [[Atlaso]] aŭ de [[Nordafriko]] (''Panthera leo leo''), kiuj estas [[formortinta]]j en la sovaĝejoj ekde la 1930-aj jaroj.
*[[Ranjitsinhji]] [ cited 4 examples of his personal knowledge in which there were fights between lions and tigers and the lion won in all cases, ]
*[[Himalayas]][,3750010&hl=en The St. Petersburg Times - May 8, 1952 reported a fight seen on video in the himalayas of a asiatic lion which killed a tiger with a blow from the paw to the head. ]
*[[Nagpur]] [ NAGPUR<nowiki></nowiki>, 26TH October. In the Maharaj Bagh, while transferring wild animals from one cage to another, a lioness attacked a tigress and killed her]
*[[Jamnagar]] [,4386439&dq=zoo+tiger+succumbs+fight+with+lion&hl=en The Indian Express - Sep 28, 1951 In another zoo,<nowiki></nowiki> a asiatic lion named leo killed a tiger named vikram. ]
*[[Nandankanan Zoological Park]] [ Associated Press September 12, 1999 [[Nandan Kanan<nowiki>]]</nowiki> animal park. A white tigress was killed by two young asiatic lionesses]
*[ Dhotre said he would back a lion. although the tiger is faster, the lion is at least equal in strength. Although the tiger is as fierce and savage as any animal in the jungle the lion has boundless courage" he said in his memoirs in 1961 The heavy mane around the lion's neck also makes it difficult for another animal to grip the lion's throat with his teeth, according to Dhotre. ]
[[File:Lion and Tiger.jpg|thumb|[ 1851 a German explorer along with a group of indian natives witnessed a lion kill a tiger at the ganges river.]]]
[[File:James Ward Lion and Tiger Fighting 1797.jpg|thumb|[ Hunter Robert Barill and Herne Peregrine, witnessed a lion kill a tiger in the jungles of surat india.]]]
[[File:'A Lion and Tiger in Combat' by Johann Wenzel Peter.jpg|thumb|[,7165143&hl=en The Sydney Mail - Dec 21, 1889 in a fight was witnessed between a lion and tiger with the tiger being bitten badly in the neck twice before the fight ended and both going separate ways.]]]
[[File:Tiger Man - Kailash Sankhla.jpg|smallpx|thumbnail|right|Sankhala with a tiger]]
[[File:The tiger man.jpeg|smallpx|thumbnail|right|The Tiger Man]]
*[[Kailash Sankhala]] [ stated in his book, Tiger. He witnessed a video of a crazed indian prince which showed a asiatic lion killing a tiger. ]
*[[Agartala]] [ The Indianapolis Star 1936, a tiger attacked a asiatic lion in the zoo, only to be killed by the lion. ]
*[[K. A. Nilakanta Sastri]] in his book, states: [ "References to the lion in the Padirruppattu, one to the dread of other animals in mountain slopes haunted by lions, and the other to the lion killing the tiger.]
*[[Castle Films]] [ Also filmed a 3 against three fight with tigers which all lions won.]
*[[John Campbell Merriam]] Stated there are records of [[asiatic lion]] killing the Siberian tiger as well<ref></ref>
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