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On the recommendation of his commanders,{{sfn|Dupuy|1977|p= 128}} Schlieffen was admitted to the General War School in 1858 at the age of 25, much earlier than others. He graduated in 1861 with high honours, which guaranteed him a role as a General Staff officer. In 1862, he was assigned to the Topographic Bureau of the General Staff,{{sfn|Dupuy|1977|p= 128}} providing him with geographical knowledge and a respect for the tactical and strategic value of terrain and weather that would serve him well throughout his career, particularly in the war games he conducted and in the devising of various war plans including the famous [[Schlieffen Plan]]. In 1865 he was transferred to the [[German General Staff]] proper, though his role was initially a minor one. He first saw active war service as a staff officer with the Prussian Cavalry Corps at the [[Battle of Königgrätz]] of 1866, during the [[Austro-Prussian War]].{{sfn|Dupuy|1977|p= 128}} The tactical "battle of encirclement" conducted there was from then on be a constant feature of his tactical doctrine, even as his strategic doctrine consistently favoured the counter-offensive due to both his understanding of terrain and his respect for Clausewitz's assessment of the constantly-diminishing strength of the offensive.
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