Eric Campbell: Malsamoj inter versioj

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Campbell iris al Novjorko en [[1914]], kun Chaplin kaj lia tiam anstataŭanto [[Stan Laurel]], kiu jam iris tien en 1913. Campbell tuj setliĝis en Usono kiel aktoro de [[teatro]]. En 1916 Chaplin, en Novjorko subskribonta kontrakton kun [[Mutual Film]], vidis Campbell en teatraĵo de [[BrodvajoBrodvejo]]. Subsequently, Chaplin invited him to Hollywood to join the cast of actors for the 12 Mutual films Chaplin had contracted to make.
Campbell's first film with Chaplin was The Floorwalker (1916). In it he achieved recognition for the "escalator scene", in which he chased Chaplin through a department store. It was in their second film together, The Fireman (1916), that Campbell developed the role which featured in all his work with Chaplin. A tall man towering 6 ft. 5 in.(1.96 m.) and weighing almost 300 pounds (136 kg), he became the bully and comic foil to the Little Tramp's antics. His best role is probably in Easy Street (1917), in which, as a brutal bully, he bends a cast-iron street lamp standard to a right angle to intimidate the policeman played by Chaplin.
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