Rikardo la 2-a (Shakespeare): Malsamoj inter versioj

sen resumo de redaktoj
[kontrolita revizio][kontrolita revizio]
Neniu resumo de redakto
Neniu resumo de redakto
Upon Richard's return, Bolingbroke not only reclaims his lands but lays claim to the very throne. Crowning himself [[Henry IV of England|King Henry IV]], he has Richard taken prisoner to the [[Pontefract Castle|castle of Pomfret]]. Aumerle and others plan a rebellion against the new king, but York discovers his son's treachery and reveals it to Henry, who spares Aumerle as a result of the intercession of the Duchess of York while executing the other conspirators. After interpreting King Henry's "living fear" as a reference to the still-living Richard, an ambitious nobleman (Exton) goes to the prison and murders him. King Henry repudiates the murderer and vows to journey to Jerusalem to cleanse himself of his part in Richard's death.
237 922