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* the [[Bonsai CVS code management system]], a web-based query interface for the [[Concurrent Versions System|CVS]] [[revision control]] system, and
* the [[Tinderbox detective tool]], which allows developers to manage software builds and to correlate build failures on various platforms and configurations with particular code changes.
* the [[Projekto por Malferma Katalogo|Open Directory Project]] was included as a web directory. The domain name stands for "directory Mozilla" and it's still available in the original location
=== Notable features of Mozilla's design ===
One unique aspect of Mozilla is that the entire user interface, including menus and dialog boxes, is rendered by the Gecko layout engine, rather than by the host operating system's [[GUI]] library. This architecture has been controversial. Its defenders cite its flexibility and the fact that it can present a standard GUI across different platforms. Its critics argue that this architecture adversely impacts performance, and that it is a widely-accepted convention of application design to use the native GUI elements of the operating system interface. A number of browsers exist that use the rendering engine only to display the [[HTML]] page (see below).''