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→‎GHS/CLP: I'd suggest to have the whole conversation here
(→‎GHS/CLP: I'd suggest to have the whole conversation here)
Hi Claudio. Please note that the old chemicals' labels will become obsolete by tomorrow ([ read more]). As far as I can tell, most articles in eo.wikipedia currently still use the old labels. --[[Uzanto:Leyo|Leyo]] ([[Uzanto-Diskuto:Leyo|diskuto]]) 23:13, 30 maj. 2017 (UTC) PS. See also [[Ŝablono-Diskuto:Informkesto kemia substanco]].
: Thank you for helping. I will try to update Esperanto GHS hazard pictograms and GHS hazard statements pages.[[Uzanto:Claudio Pistilli|Claudio Pistilli]] ([[Uzanto-Diskuto:Claudio Pistilli|Diskussion]]) 14:27, 31. Mai 2017 (CEST)
:: Please note that concerning GHS/CLP information in article de.wikipedia has spent much more effort than en.wikipedia: [[:de:Vorlage:H-Sätze]] is contained in [[:de:Spezial:Suche/hastemplate:H-Sätze|8495 articles]], while [[:en:Template:H-phrases]] is contained in [[:en:Special:Search/hastemplate:H-phrases|409 articles]] only. --[[Uzanto:Leyo|Leyo]] ([[Uzanto-Diskuto:Leyo|diskuto]]) 21:10, 31 maj. 2017 (UTC)