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:{{ping|KuboF Hromoslav}} Hi, and sorry, I will answer in English: as you may know, I really don't speak Esperanto, and you will probably understand my English better than its machine translation into Esperanto :)
:I see the idea, this might indeed be useful for small- to medium-size projects like Esperanto Wikipedia. However, I don't really know how templates work in Esperanto Wikipedia, I don't think I ever used them, thus voting probably does not make sense for me — [[Uzanto:NickK|NickK]] ([[Uzanto-Diskuto:NickK|diskuto]]) 22:20, 27 apr. 2021 (UTC)
:: Heh, of course! I was contacting many active editors in mass and I knew I know you but I have forgotten the context {{Rideto|:-)}} --[[Uzanto:KuboF Hromoslav|KuboF Hromoslav]] ([[Uzanto-Diskuto:KuboF Hromoslav|diskuto]]) 15:16, 28 apr. 2021 (UTC)