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The flag and the coat of arms are correct. The article 7 of the Organic Law of the Federal District does not show any images. Please see images on Governo do Distrito Federal website ([1]) that shows the images or see in this page the official symbols of the city of Brasilia ([2]) or see them here ([3]). Or view the article Brasilia in the Portuguese Wikipedia (see [4]).

The Federal District is a juridical person of internal public law, part of the political-administrative structure of Brazil of sui generis nature, since it is neither a state nor a municipality, but a special entity that accumulates the legislative powers reserved to states and municipalities, as provided in art. 32, § 1º of the CF, which gives it a hybrid nature of state and municipality.

Article 32 of the Federal Constitution of 1988 expressly prohibits the Federal District from being divided into municipalities, being considered one. The executive power of the Federal District was represented by the mayor of the Federal District until 1969, when the position was transformed into governor of the Federal District. Both, Brasília and Federal District use the same flag and coat of arms. DARIO SEVERI (diskuto) 11:35, 7 apr. 2019 (UTC)

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