please stop your vandalisms. Alphabetical order has nothing to do with this. Amphitere

p.s., if you are arguing about alphabetical order, then go see the Zen article in the English Wikipedia, there is no alphabetical order there. Dankon. Amphitere
yes, you quoted the english wikipedia to support your action, then why not en:Liancourt Rocks? your explanation doesn't support your action here. And Esperanto is the international language. And English, too. then why Orienta maro is the first? you have no reason sir?

--Boldlyman 09:44, 23. Sep 2007 (UTC)

The East Sea is the correct term for that sea. The "Sea of Japan" is very JPOV, for the sea is both shared with South Korea and Russia (less than 50% of the Sea of Japan is actually Japanese). The reason why I fight for this is, wait.

Are you Japanese? Amphitere

I think you should know what is fair treatment. Countries showed up in alphabetical oder at the olympic parade. do any countries oppose to it? --Boldlyman 05:24, 29. Jan 2008 (UTC).

Via uzantonomo estos ŝanĝataRedakti

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