Halló Robotje! I have seen your changes at eo: but I think they are made manualy and not automated (see bot (computerprogramma) and also Help:Gebruik van bots). You may write your answer at eo:Vikipediisto:Robotje or at eo:Vikipediista diskuto:Robotje. Thanks Gangleri 28 jan 2005 22:09 (CET)

Vi pravas. Mi ne estas veran roboton. Since your message was in English, I hope it is OK for me to continue in English as well since my Esperanto skills ar not so good anymore. I hope the Esperanto community will forgive me for krokodili (well, Dutch is my native language but you got my point). I studied hard on Esperanto, read several books in Esperanto and I did pass the 'Elementa diplomo' maybe 10 years ago in 'Bilthoven' (The Netherlands) but nowadays I hardly use it. I can still read it rather easily, but writing is a big problem for me. Recently I tried to install the software metioned on the page you linked, but I encountered some problems I didn't solve sofar. Robotje 02:45, 31. Jan 2005 (UTC)