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Hello all together,

I was born 1973. I am a Chemical engineer and working in a lab for proteine analysis. Vexillology, ethnology and geography have been my hobbies since I was a kid. I travelled with my backpack, when I was a student and visited 50 countries in all five continents. I posted some comments and images at Flags of the world. I am active in German fan community of Japanese Anime and Manga and one of the owner of an Anime-board. I am at the Osttimorforum e.V. Flag of East Timor.svg since 2006, who wants to make Timor-Leste more popular and help for connections between German speaking countries and Timor-Leste.

If you want further informations about East Timor, check the German Wikipedia-article at de:Portal:Osttimor. There are a lot of sources in English and at the portal are links to news from Timor-Leste in English. I am very interested on informations about East Timor. If you have some, please tell me ! ;-)

If you want to contact me, please use my German account, which is checked frequently.