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This part of Wikipedia (locally Vikipedio) is in Esperanto. For the English-language Wikipedia, see For Wikipedias in certain other languages, see Wikipedia multilingual coordination.

For information about the language Esperanto written in English, see the article Esperanto on the website of the English Wikipedia. On the Internet, there are available for free several courses about Esperanto:

Some great places related to learning more about Esperanto through the medium of English:

English language speakers may notice that capitalized forms for surnames of people are used within this site. That is not erroneous: in the international media, and supremely in those of Esperanto, it is typical that capitalized forms be used for the family name. Any anglophone might write his or her name in the manner of Chuck SMITH, in which case the family name is expressed last. Despite this, any Chinese person would express their family name first, in the manner of ZHU Xin. This way we know which one of the names is such a person's family name.

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