Jen mia sabelejo!

Tie ĉi, mi tre malrapide tradukas mian anglalingvan vikipediistan paĝon.Redakti

This user is a native speaker of English.
Þes brūcere cann forðian mid grundlicgendre mǣðe Englisces.
Dieser Benutzer hat grundlegende Deutschkenntnisse.
Этот участник может вносить вклад в данный проект на русском языке начального уровня.
Ĉi tiu uzanto povas komuniki per baza nivelo de Esperanto.
Uzantoj laŭ lingvo

Mia uzantnomo, CKA3KA, estas "Volapuka kodo" por la Rusa vorto "Сказка," prononcita "skazka." Сказка estas märchenfabelo.

Kiel nehontigita entuziasmulo/nerd, mi estas interesita per preskaŭ ĉio ke mi renkontas. Mi precipe ĝuas lingvojn kaj lingvosciencon, antikvan kaj mezepokon, gramatikon, religion, brasi bieron, kaligrafion,kaj literaturon. Me estas J.R.R. Tolkien kaj C. S. Lewis ŝatanto de frua infanaĝo (mi naskiĝis en Augusto de 1967), kaj revenas al tuj verkistoj en mia tuta vivo. Mi ankaŭ tre ĝuas vojaĝaĵon, geografion, geologion, plej ludojn (precipe plumo-kaj-papero rolludojnteama sporton kutime ne interesas min), grimpadon, marŝadon, kampadon, naturprotektan konstruaĵon, kaj ĉevalojn. Though I live in Seattle, I was born in, and spent most of my life in, East Texas and have an abiding interest in its history and culture.

Unfortunately, I have limited time in which to pursue my work with Wikipedia—just a few minutes here and there, stolen from whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing at the moment. So far, that's meant that I haven't had time to learn more complicated things—like moving articles, merging them, or performing deletions—and therefore have generally asked others to take care of these things when I've seen the need for them.


As is obvious from my Babel userbox, I'm very much a dilettante in the area of languages, with more passion than discipline. I haven't bothered to list every language I've taken an interest in, just the ones where I've been motivated to seek at least a minimum of formal training.

The only exception to this is Esperanto. I've sought no formal training in Esperanto, but I'm quite interested in the language.

My German was never very good, and long years of disuse have made it even worse. I can still use it to find my way around cities as a tourist, but little else.

My Russian is a bit better; I can hold conversations in Russian if I have a patient interlocutor. Sometimes I can even understand jokes.

To my disappointment, after two quarters of graduate-level Old English at the University of Washington, I cannot produce unique utterances in that language. The classes, alas, were not formatted to produce this level of competency in the students. I am, however, a passable translator of texts.

My interest in Esperanto is related to my fascination with constructed languages in general. Although I like the idea of aŭiliary languages, my heart really lies with artistic languages, most especially personal languages. I've never devoted the time necessary to actually learn one (mostly because I'm gregarious enough to require a community to use it with), but I do love reading about them and toying with the idea of creating my own. Two web sites to which I return time and again are and Ardalambion.


I'm a copyeditor by trade, and most of my contributions will take the form of grammar, punctuation, and word choice corrections. While I don't consider ending a sentence with a preposition to be a mistake, as such, I believe it's often a symptom of convoluted wording. When I notice it, I'll usually look to see if there's a way to make the sentence more economical. I like the serial comma, but will seek to restrain myself.

Things I'd like to do, if I find the timeRedakti

Parenthetical dates indicate when I perceived the need for the project in question. I've started dating these items so that, when I get around to performing the task, I can recognize edits that others have made since I last read the article.

  1. Copyedit the Earth sheltering article. (1-24-08)
  2. Copyedit Vladimir Propp. (1-23-06)
  3. Overhaul the Medieval commune article to make it more encyclopedic.
  4. Work on the Belgian beer category.
  5. Tweak the voice a bit on the Fanny Cradock article.
  6. Copyedit the Chamorro language article. (1-23-06)
  7. Copyedit the Multilingualism article. (1-23-06)
  8. Copyedit the Rodolphe Töpffer article. (1-31-06)
  9. Copyedit the Falconry article. (2-11-06)
  10. Create articles on Helge Kåre Fauskanger and Ardalambion.

Links I need in order to do this jobRedakti


I hope this section comes to deserve the plural nature of its title, in time. Ŝablono:Beer-project-member